Are you sure you want to cancel? {CodeWhizz} offers the highest accuracy Code Generation Model on the market.

If you are looking to cancel due to cost related reasons you may be eligible for a 🚀 50% off discount 🚀 on your subscription. Email us to check your eligibility at

Guide: How to cancel your {CodeWhizz} subscription⬇️

How to cancel your plan.

1. Go to the CodeWhizz homepage

Navigate to the {CodeWhizz} homepage ( and click the ‘Log In’ button.

CodeWhizz Homepage

2. Login to your account

Enter your email and password on the login page to enter your personal app. After entering the correct info then clicking the ‘Log In’ button you will immediately be taken to your personal app.

The login page

3. Click the Dashboard

Click the ‘Dashboard’ tab of your personal app page. The Dashboard tab will open.

The Dashboard page

4.  Go to Billing section  

Scroll down the dashboard tab and click the ‘Click for Billing Details’ button. This will open the stripe billing details portal.

Billing details

5. Cancel your plan

Click the ‘Cancel Plan’ button in the stripe billing details portal to cancel your plan.

Billing Details Portal

Your plan will be set to automatically cancel before you are charged for the next billing cycle. You will retain access to using {CodeWhizz} until the end of your current billing cycle. See the refund and cancellation policy in the terms and conditions for more information.